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Why Appraise a Quilt
If you are a quiltmaker or collector, you may want to establish replacement value in case of loss or fire; a fair market value if you are selling the quilt or a value for donation as in a gift or estate purposes


Baskets of Dream Flowers

Basket of Dream Flowers

Baskets of Dream Flowers was designed, needleturned appliquéd and machine pieced by me. Pat Barry of Racine, WI did the outstanding long arm machine quilting.

This quilt was truly a labor of love. It began as a year long project of design, piecing and appliquéing and was given to my parents, Charles and Ruth Fischer of Neenah, WI as a wedding anniversary quilt.

I’ve always wanted to make a blue and yellow quilt and felt that alternating the different style of baskets and appliquéd flowers would address the color choice well. I realized that to pop the yellow and blue colors, I would need to add stark white. With that, I also added the variations in blues, greens and yellows. The triple sashing and the addition of the fine machine quilting adds to the visual appeal of the quilt.

I’m happy to say that Pat Barry wrote an article about long arm machine quilting and included this quilt for her article in the magazine Quilt, October/November 2007 issue.