Quilt Appraisal Information
Why Appraise a Quilt
What is Quilt Appraisal
Appraisal Costs
Appraisal Certifications
Why Appraise a Quilt
If you are a quiltmaker or collector, you may want to establish replacement value in case of loss or fire; a fair market value if you are selling the quilt or a value for donation as in a gift or estate purposes

Fee's and Travel Information

Written Appraisal $50

For lecture and workshop pricing please email LHonsberger@wi.rr.com.

For lectures and workshops, please add all travel, meals, current IRS mileage rate and lodging expenses. For airline travel, I use Mitchell Int'l Airport in Milwaukee, WI.

Requests: Wherever possible I would appreciate a no-smoking, private room and bath. Thank you.