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Why Appraise a Quilt
If you are a quiltmaker or collector, you may want to establish replacement value in case of loss or fire; a fair market value if you are selling the quilt or a value for donation as in a gift or estate purposes



The '30's and More
This is a trunk show looking back at quilts surrounding the Great Depression and the years following. History, patterns and fabrics are discussed and as shown using quilts from my collection. Duration: 1 hour

How Much is That Quilt Worth?
Audience participation is used in this lecture. Initially I will talk about what appraisals are, why quilts should be appraised and the different types of values established for quilts. The second part of the lecture allows the audience to examine quilts and actually learn how to determine their value through information given. Duration: 1.5 hours

If Our Grandmother’s Could Talk
This lecture and trunk show depicts the history of quilts, shown from my collection beginning with pre-civil war quilts and other quilts through the present day. Duration: 1 hour

Sew 'em Up and Patch 'em Up
This Lecture discusses and shows how to repair and restore quilts to their former beauty. We will also discuss how to determine if it is worth "fixing" a quilt and what that criteria would be. Audience quilts can be brought in as samples for discussion. Duration: 1 hour

Dating Quilt and Fabrics 101
How do you know that quilt was made before the Civil War? What are feed sacks? What year were Baltimore Album quilts popular? These are just some of the questions I will address in this lecture. Identifying styles and fabrics will be the emphasis as well as learning about the history that surrounds the period of these quilts.


Hand Quilting
In this workshop you will learn how to mark and hand quilt a project. Included in this, you will learn about stencils, batting, different types of needles and thread. Most importantly, you will learn a couple of ways to make the quilting stitch, so that you will learn to be comfortable with the process.

Needleturn Applique
If you haven’t tried needleturn appliqué and like doing hand work, this is the workshop for you. You will learn pin-basting appliqué, and how to use your needle to turn down the edges to achieve an invisible appliqué.

Dimensional Applique
This class is an adventure in 3- dimensional appliqué work. You will learn how to ruche, make folded rosebuds, bias stems, peonies, daisies and even dragonflies. Some knowledge in hand appliqué work is helpful as we will be making a vase of flowers.

Quilt Restoration
Having done quilt restoration for many years, I have found that understanding why the quilt needs to be worked on is most important. Is it for show, or do you want to preserve it for a future generation? You will be working on different quilts in need of repair and you will be learning what tools and fabrics will work best for the desired outcome.

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