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Why Appraise a Quilt
If you are a quiltmaker or collector, you may want to establish replacement value in case of loss or fire; a fair market value if you are selling the quilt or a value for donation as in a gift or estate purposes


Quilting has been a part of my heritage for over 30 years as I was initially taught by my husband’s grandmother. As a result I took a four week class in beginning quilting, making sure I had all the basics down. Much to my instructor’s dismay, I wasn't satisfied with just making the pillows assigned, but I was more interested in finishing a Log Cabin quilt which went on my young son’s bed. A passion was born that proved to be the beginning of a wonderful and challenging career.

I’ve done all aspects of quilting, but my career as an American Quilter’s Society Certified Quilt Appraiser is the most interesting and challenging. I have been appraising quilts for many years, but felt that the support and acknowledgement by AQS was needed to further substantiate my knowledge in this field. I became certified by AQS in 2001 and since have appraised well over a 1000 quilts at such venues as the American Quilter’s Society Show in Paducah, Kentucky, two Antique Road Shows in Madison, WI, various guilds and organizations throughout Wisconsin and surrounding states, as well as for many individuals. I will finish my two year term in 2008 as President of PAAQT, Professional Association of Appraisers – Quilted Textiles. This organization is made up of AQS Certified Appraisers in which it supports and offers on going education in the field. In June 2007, I was honored to be asked to join the American Quilter's Society Appraiser Certification Committee. This committee instructs and certifies candidates that are interested in becoming certified quilt appraisers through AQS.

My experience includes being a commission quilt maker and restoration expert for over 25 years. My hand quilting work was sought after privately and as a result I had the opportunity to work for such notable professionals as Georgia Bonesteel, Bob and Judie Rothermel and Ann Fahl. My work can be seen in “Georgia’s Bright Ideas for Lap Quilting” and Judie’s “Aunt Grace’s Scrapbag”.

I actively teach and lecture throughout Wisconsin. Presently I’m teaching at Sew'n Save Inc. quilt shop and in an after school outreach program for kids at San Juan Diego School, both in Racine, Wisconsin. For several years I have conducted a three day women's quilting retreat twice a year at Lutherdale Bible Camp in Elkhorn, WI and teach and lecture extensively to guilds and community events. Other teaching experience includes classes for the Racine Elementary Schools, the University of Wisconsin Parkside’s outreach program and Wustum Museum of Art also in Racine.

I live in Racine, WI with my husband and three grown children. I work in a studio at home and when I am not appraising or quilting, I can be found in my beautiful perennial gardens, camping or biking.